Liberal Studies offers you the advantages of a small liberal arts program with all the resources of a large research university. Seminar-format classes and a distinguished faculty dedicated to teaching place you at the forefront of the learning experience.

Begin your studies with a great works core curriculum that brings the world's classics into the 21st century and connects ideas with a global perspective. You will have extraordinary co-curricular opportunities that use cultural sites to complement classroom learning, allowing you to experience the world's significant works of art, literature, and the stage firsthand by visiting the museums, theaters, galleries, and landmarks around you.

If you spend your first year at an NYU global academic center in Florence, London, Paris, or Washington, DC, you will have the same core curriculum classes available to you, and your coursework will fit in seamlessly with your requirements for graduation.

Liberal Studies is home to two innovative programs of study:

The Core Program
: A two-year program in which you complete core requirements and explore your interests before transitioning to a degree-granting program at NYU.

Global Liberal Studies: A four-year bachelor's degree program that will engage you in global studies from a humanistic perspective and through lived experience.