Student Life

The traditions of campus life -- the clubs, the activities, and the sense of community -- are as much a part of the college experience as classes and books. Here are just a few examples: nationally known speakers, music ensembles, and dance companies regularly visit the campus; the NYU student film festival is one of the best in the nation; hundreds of students volunteer each year through the NYU Office of Community Service; and the Washington Square Chorus and Orchestra, composed of students and faculty members under a professional conductor, gives several formal concerts a year. There are political, religious, and social organizations, and students run WNYU-FM, the University radio station, and Washington Square News, the campus newspaper.

At NYU, students have an extraordinary opportunity to explore many worlds, some familiar, some not. One way to do this is through student activities. In addition to the Liberal Studies clubs, LS students participate in the wide variety of University activities, including over 350 student clubs and intercollegiate sports. Whether students are publishing a literary magazine or performing before an audience of hundreds, editing a film or volunteering for community service projects, they are pursuing activities that stretch their imagination, developing new skills and interests, and enriching their overall college experience.